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January 21, 2011

I Snapped!

On occasion, I will have a special section called “I Snapped” which should be self-explanatory and my tone may not be as consensus building, objective or as respectful as in my other observations.  Perhaps this section is best described as my version of Lewis Black:

Speaker Boehner gets top honors today.  What was this man thinking!?  He receives an invite from President Obama to attend the state dinner for President Hu of China and he turns its down!   He also turned down invitations from President Obama to the India and Mexico state dinner.  Nice.  At least he is consistent; but I would think, as President Obama reaches out to the Republican party, it would be in the best interest of United States of America that Speaker Boehner don a tuxedo and find his way to the White House.  Within a two-week span, President Obama invites him on Air Force One and then to the state dinner and Speaker Boehner gives President Obama the proverbial Heisman!

In the words of Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler from Saturday Night Live:  “seriously, are you serious?”

I am a capitalist at my core, no doubt, but President Obama has taken a few steps forward and offered to work with Speaker Boehner and the reasonable end of the Republican party.   These were gestures in an effort to make nice.  In my opinion, it is a colossal mistake to stand the ground in such a foolish way.  Perhaps Karl Rove is applauding, but I, and many others I know, am not.

I don’t necessarily believe, in general terms, people voted for the Democratic majority in 2008  as much as they were voting against the ways of President Bush and the Republican party.  However, I also don’t necessarily believe people voted for Republicans in the 2010 mid-term elections as much as they were voting against the ways of the more liberal-minded Democrats.  This is critically important for both the Republican and Democratic parties to understand, and what seems so clear to me, seems to be oblivious to those within the Beltway Bubble.

It would be wise, as leader of the Republican Party, for Speaker Boehner to extend a hand and find a way to work with President Obama.  We have some major issues in front of us and this school yard posturing is a complete waste of our money and time.  Speaker Boehner needs to roll up the sleeves, offer the President a cigarette from his pocket, sneak out to the lawn and spend some time with President Obama and others in constructive dialogue.  The Republicans made their statement vote on the repeal of the health care; fine, whatever, have your little moment.  It won’t pass the Senate and would get a presidential veto even if it did.  The Republicans can put a check next to that ridiculous show of partisanship and now move on.  If the Republicans disagreed with parts of the Health Care bill, surely there is a better way to work with the Democrats on a constructive solution than a vote for full repeal (a more objective look at the health care will be forthcoming).

In summary, come on Speaker Boehner, get your head in the game.

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